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IntelliBuddies RDA - Enterprise Architecture

Component Architecture

A platform for Rapid Digital Automation (RDA) offers a complete solution that integrates and provides tools for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Business Process Automation (BPA). It enables organizations to automate routine tasks, make informed decisions through data analysis, optimize workflows, and simplify complicated business processes.

IntelliBuddies RDA platform contains the following components:

Workflow Designer

IntelliBuddies® Workflow Designer is a web tool for designing business workflows involving Humans and Buddies. It is a visual development environment where you can create or define your end-to-end business processes. It comes with a rich set of activities to build your business rules to initiate Humans and Buddy Tasks.

Process Designer

IntelliBuddies® Process Designer is a tool to digitize your existing processes. It is a visual development environment where you can create or define a task for your Buddies. It comes with a rich set of activity libraries to build your workflows. These activities enable you to interact with web browsers, desktop applications, PDFs, images, databases, spreadsheets, emails, web services, and others. It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to define the workflow. Anyone with minimal coding understanding can quickly start automating the processes by connecting individual activities to build a sequence.

Form Designer

IntelliBuddies® Form Designer allows you to design the forms needed to communicate data between multiple stakeholders of your business processes. It provides a UI-based simple drag-and-drop methodology to build the Forms required. It supports various Forms field types to allow you to create complex forms needed for your complex processes.


IntelliBuddies® IntelliTrainer helps you create document processing models from document templates. The trained document processing models can then be used as part of our process automation so that our Buddies can automatically recognize and extract data from the documents.

Cognitive Services

Cognitive services refer to a collection of AI-powered tools and technologies that enable computers to understand, interpret, and interact with human-like intelligence. These services encompass various capabilities, such as natural language processing, image and video analysis, and more.

IntelliBuddies® Cognitive Services refer to both in-house services provided by IntelliBuddies and Integration with various third-party Cognitive Services providers. Integrating cognitive services from multiple vendors into an automation platform can offer several advantages that enhance functionality, efficiency, and user experience. By leveraging machine learning algorithms and data processing, cognitive services empower Automation to perform tasks like document processing, language translation, sentiment analysis, facial recognition, and others.


IntelliBuddies® Buddy is the basic unit of Automation. Buddy executes the processes built by our Process Designer the way a human would. There are two types of buddies:

Assistant Buddy

Assistant Buddy executes a process triggered by humans. As a result, assisted Automation takes place. In the future, you can provide every employee of your organization with one Assistant Buddy to automate all the mundane, repetitive tasks and make their Assistant Buddy perform them. This way, employees could focus more on business and customer-centric tasks. Assistant Buddy could be triggered to execute a process through certain events, such as creating a file/folder, or could be activated directly by humans by selecting the process from the list.

Smart Buddy

Smart Buddy does not need any human assistance to execute a process. They pick up the process from the Queue and run them according to their schedule. Smart Buddy could be infused with artificial intelligence to perform complete end-to-end Automation.


Applications are your final end-to-end business process automation, which might involve RPA, BPA, and AI together to achieve complete Automation.

Application Architecture

IntelliBuddies is an Enterprise RDA platform for end-to-end business process automation. You can set up the IntelliBuddies Architecture by combining its components, database servers, and communication channels. The block diagram below depicts IntelliBuddies architecture.

As depicted in the above diagram, all the components of IntelliBuddies will be deployed in your local network or your private cloud. It ensures that all the data lies within your IT control. The only time our Control Room might need to talk to our Account Manager / License Manager is on license activation.


The license activation can also happen in a disconnected mode. You can download the license file by logging into our Account Manager and activating the licenses through your Control Room. It lets you have the Control Room behind your firewall without internet connectivity.

Network Architecture

IntelliBuddies comprises both Client Side and Server Side components. The client-side elements are directly accessible to users and RPA developers. These include the RPA Process Designer, Assistant Buddy, and Trainer Buddy. On the other hand, the BPA Workflow Engine, along with the Workflow and Form Designer, is embedded as part of the Server Side. The Server also handles all other backend operations of IntelliBuddies.

Users can store their created processes in the database. All client components establish connections with the Server Side. Buddies retrieve RPA process definitions from the Server and execute them per their instructions. BPA processes are executed on the Server Side. All logs are stored as integral parts of the Server Side operations.

The block diagram below depicts the network architecture of IntelliBuddies.