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IntelliBuddies - Introduction


IntelliBuddies stands as an enterprise-grade RDA Platform that seamlessly merges RPA (Robotic Process Automation), BPA (Business Process Automation), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) functionalities. This convergence aims to optimize diverse business processes, catering to the unique requirements of organizations. It equips them with an array of tools and capabilities to realize significant automation advantages and effectively elevate their digital transformation initiatives.

What is RDA?

Rapid Digital Automation (RDA) embodies a comprehensive strategy that fuses a combination of automation technologies, encompassing RPA (Robotic Process Automation), BPA (Business Process Automation), and AI (Artificial Intelligence). This amalgamation accelerates and enriches digital processes within an organization. RDA's objectives encompass automating repetitive and rule-based tasks, integrating AI for informed decision-making and predictive capabilities, and streamlining complex workflows across diverse systems and departments to achieve complete end-to-end business process automation.

The realm of Automation encompasses a spectrum of technologies, all aimed at reducing or eliminating the need for manual human involvement across various processes.

The IntelliBuddies RDA (Rapid Digital Automation) architecture includes the following technologies:

  • RPA - Robotic Process Automation: Robotic Process Automation is a technology that enables humans to delegate their repetitive and labor-intensive tasks to robots, allowing them to focus on their core business needs. It will help organizations to automate repetitive, rule-based, and labor-intensive tasks humans typically perform. These tasks are often routine, time-consuming, and prone to human error. By delegating such tasks to software robots or "bots," human employees can focus on higher-value activities and core business needs that require creativity, problem-solving, and strategic decision-making.

  • BPA - Business Process Automation: Business Process Automation (BPA) is a technology-based method that automates and enhances intricate business processes that usually require the involvement of several human stakeholders. The goal of BPA is to streamline and improve the effectiveness of these processes by minimizing manual intervention, automating repetitive tasks, and ensuring seamless coordination among various systems and individuals involved in the workflow.

  • AI - Artificial Intelligence: Businesses can use Artificial Intelligence to extract valuable insights from their autonomous data and make informed decisions to improve their operations. Advanced AI technologies can effectively analyze vast amounts of data, identify significant patterns and insights, and utilize this information to make informed decisions, enhancing various business operations.

RDA combines all the above three technologies to build end-to-end Automation of business processes.

Why RDA?

Processes are an essential part of any business, as they are the organized steps or tasks that companies follow to accomplish specific goals. They serve as the foundation of how work is carried out within a company and are present in virtually every aspect of its operations. From welcoming new employees to conducting exit interviews, processing customer sales orders, arranging deliveries, and handling vendor purchase orders to generating invoices, every business outcome results from a series of repeatable tasks and activities.

If you closely look at these business processes, it involves the following players:

  • Humans - Process Stakeholders who perform manual tasks and make decisions
  • Systems - Drive processes by collecting and sharing data
  • Data - To predict business outcomes and build business intelligence

With the rapidly changing technology landscape, many vendors and providers are in the automation and AI technology spaces. As businesses adopt digital transformation and Automation, various companies offer specialized products and services to meet different automation requirements.

The IntelliBuddies RDA Platform combines three advanced technologies to help businesses achieve their digital transformation objectives. By integrating RPA, BPA, and AI, IntelliBuddies offers a complete automation solution that can streamline business processes, automate repetitive tasks, make informed decisions, and improve workflow efficiency.

What is IntelliAppZ?

IntelliAppZ stands as a self-contained Buddy housing an embedded process designed for automating distinct tasks. It functions autonomously, eliminating the need for installing any IntelliBuddies platform components.

IntelliAppZ can be created using IntelliAppZ Designer.