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Extract Tables From PDF


Extracts tables from a PDF file.



  • From Page Number – If page extraction mode is set to Range, specify from which page to start the tables extraction.
  • Page Extraction Mode – Whether to extract all or specific page (s) tables. It can be All, Single, or Range.
  • Password – The password of the PDF file, if necessary.
  • PDF File Path – The name of the PDF file from where you want to extract tables.
  • Single Page Number – If page extraction mode is set to Single, specify the page number to extract tables
  • To Page Number – If page extraction mode is set to Range, specify till which page to extract the tables
  • Include Column Names – Specifies if the first row in the tables should be considered a header row containing the column names
    • Note: If the table spans pages, the activity will merge and provide the data in one data table only if the header row is repeated in every page start. Otherwise, the activity will return a separate data table per page.
    • Note: If two continuous tables in the document have the same header rows, the activity will merge these two tables into one data table.
    • Note: If Include Column Names is false then the Column name will have default Column name values like Column0, Column1 and so on"


  • DisplayName – Add a display name to your activity.
  • Private – By default, activity will log the values of your properties inside your workflow. If private is selected, then it stops logging.


  • Continue On Error – Specifies if the automation should continue even when the activity throws an error. This field only supports Boolean values (True, False). The default value is False.

    Note: If this activity is included in Try Catch and the value of this property is True, no error is caught when the project is executed


  • Result – Tables extracted from the PDF file.


In this example, we will show how we can extract table data existing inside a PDF document and import it into CSV file. The PDF file shipped along with the example process contains multiple tables which is extracted into CSV files.

Download Example

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