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IntelliBuddies Process Designer - FAQs

What is a Process Designer?

The Process Designer is one of the components of the IntelliBuddies Suite. Process Designer helps you design your automation very quickly through the UI approach.

What is workflow? Does the Process designer support different types of workflows? What are they?

A workflow is a single unit for designing a productive and efficient sequence of steps to accomplish a business outcome. Yes, Process Designer supports the following three types of workflows:

What is a Process? Are Workflow and Process the same?

The Process is a combination of sequences containing methods and activities. No, Workflow and Process refer to different purposes. The Process is the combination of workflows. At the same time, a workflow is a granular unit of a Process.

How to create a Process?

Create a new Process by launching Process Designer, choose Processes from the side panel, and click on New Process. Provide the new Process dialog's name, location, optional category, and description. Refer to detailed steps.

What is a sequence?

The Sequence is an individual reusable container that you can provide a name as per its function inside it for better understanding. It connects several activities inside the container.

What is Flow Chart?

The Flow Chart is a schematic representation of any process in which every step represents various symbols or signs that connects with the arrows.

  • It consists of various activities connected in multiple ways.
  • It supports several consistent operator branches to generate complicated business procedures and links with the activities in several ways.
  • It enables the modeling processes with a single execution path and loops back to previous execution points.

What is State Machine?

The State Machine represents an automation workflow that works based on a finite number of states. The triggering of workflow moving from one state to another is through activities. It can go into a state by triggering a particular activity, and similarly, it can exit that state through the execution of some other activity.

State Machine mainly contains two activities State and Final State.

  • State is a description of the status of a system waiting to execute a transition. It contains Entry, Exit and set of transitions.
  • The conditions provided and which, when met as part of Transitions, make your workflow state move from one state to another.
  • Final State contains one section named as entry.

What are Activities?

Activities are the building blocks of workflow. You can build a Workflow by dragging and dropping these activities and making a sequence or a flow; Further, you can create business process automation by combining numerous workflows.

How to use activities?

Identify Activities from the rich set of categories based on your needs and use them by dragging and dropping them into a sequence or a flow. It is easier to identify as they are present in different categories based on their functionality.

How to execute the Process?

After building the workflow with a set of activities, click on the Run button in the Design ribbon of Process Designer to execute your Process.

Is it necessary to learn the usage of all the activities to design our automation process?

No, it is not essential. It would be good to understand the usage of only those you want to use in your automation.

How to assign a buddy in case of a professional edition of PD to execute the Process?

In the case of the Professional edition of Process Designer, you can use an Assistant buddy to automate the execution. You can import the Process directly into Assistant buddy from the local folder and create an appropriate trigger to execute the same.

What are Snippets? How to use it?

A Snippet is a small workflow segment containing a set of activities. You can export any block of activities you repeatedly add several times in your automation workflow as a snippet. You can drag and drop the Snippet in any of your automation workflows. Refer to detail steps for creating Snippet.

What is the difference between the Enterprise and Professional edition of Process Designer?

Enterprise Edition is designed based on client-server architecture. IntelliBuddies Control Room is a server component, and Process Designer and Buddies are client components. At the same time, Professional Edition is a desktop version of IntelliBuddies. It comes just with client components, Process Designer, and Assistant Buddy; you can use this for individual user-level automation.