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Using Switch Activity

Switch is a control statement that executes a set of activities based on the result of a comparison between a controlling expression and the labels specified in the switch block. This type of activity helps in allowing the value of a variable or expression to select the block for execution from a list of candidates that represent the different possibilities that can occur.

Use of a Switch results in improved performance and readability when compared to that of the If Else ladder. A Switch activity can contain another Switch activity, thus forming a nested Switch, which can yield better performance over other approaches.

Let us understand Switch activity with an example process. Here is an example which takes input number in range 1 to 4 and displays which number entered using Switch activity.

Come, let's create this process in Process Designer:


Launch and create a new process in Process Designer

  • Launch Process Designer from the Windows Start menu located under IntelliBuddies Enterprise


Create New Process

  • Click on New Process and fill in the new process details


  • Int32 variables to hold input number.


In Activity panel search for Input Dialog


  • Add Switch by setting type as Int32.
  • Click on condition and set user input. Add 4 cases with key value set to 1,2,3,4 respectively.
  • Add Message Box under each case and also default and set appropriate message.


Save the process

  • From the Design tab ribbon, click on Save


Run the process

  • From the Design tab ribbon, click on Run


Make sure the process executes and displays the number entered.

Download Example (C#)