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We have ensured that installing IntelliBuddies is effortless and smooth for our Customers. Before describing our installers and installation, let us brief you about different Editions of IntelliBuddies to make it more transparent when we talk about our installers and the installation steps.

IntelliBuddies Editions

IntelliBuddies has three different editions: Enterprise, Professional and IntelliAppZ.

Enterprise Edition

IntelliBuddies - Enterprise Edition is designed based on client-server architecture. IntelliBuddies Control Room is a server component, and Process Designer and Buddies are client components.

Professional Edition

IntelliBuddies - Professional Edition is a desktop version of IntelliBuddies. Process Designer and Assistant Buddy are client components used to automate individual tasks.

IntelliAppZ Edition

IntelliBuddies - IntelliAppZ Edition is a desktop version of IntelliBuddies used to create and generate IntelliAppZ. IntelliAppZ is a stand-alone executable performing specific automation without dependency on platform components.


To support both online and offline installation, IntelliBuddies provides two different types of installers.

Web Installer (Online)

Web Installer or Online Installer is a single installer used to install any IntelliBuddies Editions and their corresponding Components. It is our recommended installer and provides the following advantages:

  • Single installer to install any of our Components belonging to any of our Editions
  • Simple to use with single-click installation for most of our components
  • Takes care of checking and installing all the pre-requisites automatically
  • Provides you with the details of all the components and their corresponding version already installed on the system
  • Allows you to specify the version of the Component to be installed
  • Gives you access to all our pre-release versions too
  • Allows you to uninstall the Components
  • Our Web Installer auto upgrades whenever there is a new version of Web Installer released

You can learn more about our Web Installer over here: Install IntelliBuddies using Web Installer

MSI Installers (Offline)

We continue to provide our MSI or Offline installers in response to customers with internet restrictions preventing them from using our Web or Online installers. We also offer separate MSIs per Edition and the corresponding Components, as stated below.

Enterprise Edition Installers

The Enterprise Edition provides two separate installers:

Professional Edition Installers

The Professional edition also provides an installer to install the components:

IntelliAppZ Designer Installers

An IntelliAppZ Designer is a software tool used to create and generate IntelliAppZ: