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Using DataTable Variables

DataTable is a variable type representing tabular data as an in-memory, tabular cache, or spreadsheet of rows, columns, and constraints.Refer to Microsoft documentation for more details.

Adding new variable of type DataTable

Variable Pane

Creating new instance

Variable Pane


Let us understand the DataTable variable with an example process. This example takes user info (First, last, and age) as input and stores the data in DataTable, finally writes to Excel Spreadsheet.

Come, let's create this process in Process Designer:


Launch and create a new process in Process Designer

  • Launch Process Designer from the Windows Start menu located under IntelliBuddies Enterprise


Create New Process

  • Click on New Process and fill in the new process details


  • Add variables to hold the input in the DataTable variable.

  • The following list of variables is used to hold different data.


In Activity panel search for Add Data Column and add inside body of the For Each.


In Activity panel search for Input Dialog



Save the process

  • From the Design tab ribbon, click on Save


Run the process

  • From the Design tab ribbon, click on Run


Make sure the process executes and pops up an input dialog. Enter the First and Last Name and then age as input through the input dialog. Click on Ok. Once the execution is completed, open the outputFile.xlsx where the input user details are stored in an Excel Spreadsheet. Note: The Excel data is overwritten on repeated execution.

Excel file filled with user info

Download Example (C#)