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Smart Stations


A Smart Station represents a workstation, physical or virtual, on which the Buddy is deployed. Smart Station authorizes the connection between the Buddy and the Control Room.

The Smart Stations page enables you to provision and manages Smart Station entities. The purpose of Smart Station is to allow you to connect the Buddy to the Control Room on one workstation only. The name of this Smart Station should be the same as given to that standard machine. At a given point in time, the Buddy can use only one smart station.


To access and perform operations on the Smart Stations page, you need to have appropriate permissions for this entity.

ViewView all Smart Stations and their details
EditEdit Smart Station details
CreateCreate or register a Smart Station
DeleteDelete a Smart Station

Provisioning Smart Station

You can provision a new Smart Station from the Smart Stations page by following the steps provided below:

  • Click on Toolbar-Menu > Add New Smart Station button
  • Type in the exact name of the workstation to provision

    Note: You can follow one of the ways to get the name of the workstation

    1. Open Command Prompt and type hostname.
    2. From Control Panel > System and Security > System.
  • Type in a description for your smart station in the Description field
  • Copy the Key generated by clicking on Copy button and save it for future usage.

    Note: This Key needs to be provided to the Smart Station agent running on the configured workstation for connecting to the Control Room

  • Click on the Add button to provision this smart station

Deleting a Smart Station

You can delete an existing smart station by clicking on Context-Menu > Delete option.

Note: You can delete a Smart Station only when there are no Buddies are associated with it