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BPA Designer


BPA Designer is a pivotal component within the RDA platform that empowers organizations to shape and optimize their operational processes. It represents a dynamic canvas where businesses can orchestrate, visualize, and precisely refine their workflows. This intuitive tool allows users to map out the entire lifecycle of a process, defining each step, decision point, and participant's role. By visually representing workflows, BPA Designer enhances clarity and facilitates collaboration among teams, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Whether automating routine tasks, streamlining complex procedures, or adapting to changing business needs, BPA Designer is the foundation for building efficient, agile, and adaptable business processes. It offers the flexibility and control necessary to design workflows that align seamlessly with an organization's goals, driving productivity, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

A BPA Process represents your automation definition. It comprises one or several workflows and resources essential for executing your automation. It is packaged and bundled into a designated folder.

A BPA Process can be created and published directly from the BPA Designer or imported into the Control Room. The process package is version-controlled, meaning that every time you publish the Process, it creates a new version of the package. The published Process will be accessible to users with access to that particular package.

Opening BPA Designer Instance

A new instance of BPA designer can be created by either:

Creating a new BPA Process

  • Login to the Control Room
  • Navigate to AUTOMATIONS > Processes > BPA
  • Click on New Process

BPA Process Designer

Opening existing BPA Process

  • Login to the Control Room
  • Navigate to AUTOMATIONS > Processes > BPA
  • You can double-click on any existing BPA process to open the Process in BPA Designer.

BPA Designer Panels and Toolbars

Once you open an instance of BPA Designer, you can use the designer to design your workflows.

BPA Process Designer

The BPA designer has several panes and toolbars to help you create and manage workflows efficiently:

  1. Main Toolbar
  2. Project Explorer Panel
  3. BPA Designer Panel
  4. Activities Panel
  5. Process Data Panel
  6. Email Template Panel
  7. Error Panel