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User Interface


IntelliBuddies Control Room web application utilizes a three-panel User Interface.

Title PanelThe top title panel displays the current page title and access to logged-in users' alerts and profiles.
Side PanelThe left side panel provides access to all the entities and the corresponding pages to view the data
Data PanelThe right data panel shows the data of the corresponding page selected in the side panel. It also provides several functionalities through grid and context menu

Grid Properties

The Data Panel shows the data inside a grid. You can manage the page-level grid properties from the toolbar menu above the grid. The toolbar menu contains a horizontal ellipse. You can see more toolbar menu items by clicking this ellipse.

Toolbar Menu itemsDescription
[]RefreshRefreshes the grid data
[]Expand AllYou can expand or collapse the items in the grid. You can use this on Group items, grouped based on columns.
[]Choose ColumnsYou can add or remove columns from the grid
[]Save Page SettingsPersists the current modified grid properties
[]Restore Page SettingsRestores the grid to the previously persisted grid properties