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Using Word Activities

Microsoft Word is a widely used commercial word processor designed by Microsoft. Word is one of the popular word processing software used among most enterprises. IntelliBuddies Word automation activity package contains multiple activities that enable you to manipulate word documents (.doc or .docx). Refer to list of Word activities

Let us understand Word activities with an example process. Here is an example of generating a payslip for employees by reading the information from an Excel file and writing it into the word file using Replace Bookmarks.


Come, let's create this process in Process Designer:



Add Word context

  • Add Word Context to add word activities.

  • Set the word template file path to appropriate location before executing the process.



  • Add Assign activity set the Employee name to variable.

  • Add Save As to save the payslip with employee name as payslip file name. Save the generated payslip inside payslip folder.


Follow the steps from Using File Activity #Step7 to Using File Activity #Step9 to save, run and see the output.

Download Example (C#)