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QBO Credential JSON File

Credential JSON file

For our Buddy to connect to your QuickBooks Online, you have to provide a JSON credential file with the following parameters:

Client IdSpecify the registered Quickbooks Online App client id.
Client SecretSpecify the Quickbooks Online App client secret.
Is ProductionSpecify the QuickBooks Online working environment, set true for production or false for sandbox.
Realm IdSpecify the QuickBooks Online App realm id retrieved from the QBO OAuth playground.
Access TokenSpecify the QuickBooks Online App access token retrieved from the QBO OAuth playground.
Refresh TokenSpecify the QuickBooks Online App refresh token retrieved from the QBO OAuth playground.

Please refer to retrieving credentials from QBO OAuth Playground to know how to create and extract the above connection properties for your QuickBooks Online account.

  • The above credentials JSON template is shipped along with Process Designer and IntelliAppZ Designer.
  • You can find the template in the following location in your machine:'C:\Users\Public\Documents\IntelliBuddies\credentialsTemplate.json'.
  • You can also download it by clicking the link provided below:
Download credentialsTemplate.json


  • The specified Credential JSON file should be accessible to the Buddy executing the process.
  • The Buddy should be provided with both Read and Write permissions to this Credential JSON file.

Concurrent QBO Jobs

For our Buddies to concurrently execute two or more QBO processes, you need to satisfy one of the following requirements:

  1. The credential file specified for each process should come from different QBO user accounts. For example: If P1 and P2 are two processes that connect to your QBO, it is recommended that P1 and P2 use two different user credentials, U1 and U2, to connect to your QBO.
  2. If your organization cannot achieve the above requirements, you can still work with single-user credentials. However, in this case, the same credential JSON file must be specified and shared across all the processes.