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Python packages for Machine Learning

You must install Python and its supporting frameworks on your system before you can use Machine Learning activities.

Python installation

IntelliBuddies® Machine Learning activities require Python version 3.6. You can download Python from here:

Once you download the Windows x86-64 executable installer from the above link, during installation, ensure to check the Add Python \<\<Version>> to PATH option as depicted by the screenshot below:

Install Additional Python Packages

After successfully installing Python on the client system, you must run the following commands on the Command Prompt to install additional packages needed for Client Tools. Execute the following list of commands in the proper sequence from Command Prompt.

  1. pip install numpy==1.18.2
  2. pip install pandas==0.25.3
  3. pip install scipy==1.4.1
  4. pip install nltk==3.4.5
  5. pip install scikit-learn==0.22.2
  6. pip install spacy==2.2.0