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Publishing Process

Once you have created, designed, and tested your Process inside Process Designer, you will have to publish the Process to make it available for your Buddies to execute it. Process Designer provides built-in functionality to make the publishing process straightforward.

Publishing a process functionality differs from Enterprise and Professional editions.

Publishing the Process - Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Process Designer can publish the processes directly to the associated Control Room. A new version of the Process is created automatically each time you publish the Process.

  • Click on the Publish button in the Design tab of Process Designer

  • The Publish Process dialog appears.

    • Enter publishing comments in the Release Comments text box.

    • The Current Version depicts the existing version, and the New Version will be the version of the one being published.


      These versions automatically get updated each time you publish the Process.

  • Click on the Publish button to publish the Process to the associated Control Room


You can view the version history of the processes published inside Control Room

Publishing the Process - Professional Edition

The Professional Process Designer lets you publish the processes as a Nuget Package onto your file system. You can then import the generated Process Nuget Package file into your Professional Assistant Buddy for execution.